About Me

Carlos Jasso in the country

Hello world!

I'm Carlos Jasso, a software developer, tech writer and full-time husband/dad. I'm always striving to expand both my personal and technical skills by contributing to my community, following the example of awesome people and trying to create positive impact.

Currently, I'm employed as a Senior Software Engineer in Mexico and make use of several software technologies such as C# (.net framework/core), NodeJS, ReactJS, Angular, Oracle, MariaDB and Azure at enterprise grade. I'm also working on feeding my GitHub profile with projects to keep on learning and have something cool to share.

Fun facts:

  • toolbox emoji I tend to use free or open-source tools
  • family emoji When away from the keyboard, I'm normally found spending time with my family and friends
  • alien monster emoji I enjoy casually playing retro video games
  • speaking head emoji I'm a native Spanish speaker
  • headphone emoji Love to listen to music while working